Single-tooth implant

The aesthetic, high-quality and long-lasting option for closing gaps between teeth.

A missing tooth is more than just unsightly. The gap in the teeth can also lead to
instability: the adjacent teeth can move and the jawbone, which loses its supporting function, starts to recede. Prompt closure of the gap is therefore recommended for overall dental, oral and jaw health. Compared to a bridge, implant treatment preserves the health of teeth, the jawbone and the gums: there is no need to file down neighbouring teeth, and the jawbone is kept healthy through the chewing pressure, increasing its stability.


Our experience for your safety

At our implant centre in Penzberg, we carry out up to 1000 implants every year. Before the procedure, in-depth diagnostic screening and detailed planning are carried out, ensuring not only the best position of the implant, but also that the essential conditions for the implant are met. This includes, for example, clarification of whether the jawbone is present in sufficient quantity and quality to anchor the implant safely and securely in the bone, or whether there are any conditions of the mouth or throat that need treating first.

An implant is made up of three parts:

This is why we use premium implants made from high-quality, grade 4 titanium that are made in Germany.