Further training

For us, high quality standards mean ongoing further training.

Dental medicine is a rapidly evolving field. New technologies and
treatment methods call for in-depth practical knowledge in order to offer patients the greatest possible degree of safety. Following his many years of experience and work in research, Dr Jörg-Martin Ruppin offers various further training courses in the areas of oral surgery and implantology.

Courses and further training modules offered by Dr Jörg-Martin Ruppin: Camlog implant prosthetic course

Camlog implant prosthetic course

Date:              18 March 2023
Venue:            Penzberg

Speaker:       Dr. Jörg-Martin Ruppin

DGI Curriculum Implantologie

Date:              28 January 2023
Venue:           Hotel Maritim Frankfurt

Speaker:      Dr. Jörg-Martin Ruppin

Full-day course in Helsinki, Finland

Date:              November 2022
Venue:           Finnland/Helsinki

Speaker:      Dr. Jörg-Martin Ruppin

Camlog – looking to the future: tissue augmentation and implantation – the new standard?

Date:              26 October 2022
Venue:            Thurnau near Bayreuth

Speaker:       Dr. Jörg-Martin Ruppin

Full-day workshop at the Oral Reconstruction Foundation’s International Symposium

Date:              13 October 2022
Venue:           Munich

Speaker:      Dr. Jörg-Martin Ruppin

Osstell ISQ Online Symposium 2022

Date:              13 October 2022
Venue:           online

Speaker:      Dr. Jörg-Martin Ruppin

Presentation tour of Asia

Date:              17 -22  September 2022
Venue:           Mumbai, Delhi, Singapore, Vietnam, Hanoi

Speaker:       Dr. Jörg-Martin Ruppin

The Camlog Experience Wimsheim

Date:              04 July 2022
Venue:            Ibis Styles, Bleichstrasse 17, 75173 Pforzheim

Speaker:       Dr. Jörg-Martin Ruppin

Camlog Start-up-Days 2022

Congress for young dentists. Workshop entitled “Modern implant prosthetics – innovative, smart and digital!”

Date:              29 & 30 April 2022
Venue:           Design Offices Berlin Humboldthafen

Speaker:       Dr. Jörg-Martin Ruppin

Camlog presentation

Dr Jörg-Martin Ruppin highlights the advantages and benefits, including in relation to patient wishes, and illustrates the case selection, planning and implementation processes for such combined techniques with clinical examples.

Date:              27 April 2022
Venue:           Würzburg, Novum Conference & Events

Speaker:       Dr. Jörg-Martin Ruppin

Camlog implant prosthetics course

Joint success as part of a team

Date:              26 March 2022
Venue:           Praxis Penzberg

German Dentists’ Day 2021

The science of the future; detective work on patients, patients with multiple co-morbidities, navigated endodontics, navigated implantology, live session: single-wing, all-ceramic adhesive bridges, AI in dental medicine with live demo, the influence of personnel on practice ratings.

Date:              05 & 06 November 2021
Venue:           online

Visions in Implantology 
50th Annual International Congress of the DGZI e.V.
3rd Future Congress for Dental Implantology

Date:               01 & 02 Oktober 2021
Venue:            Cologne, Maritim Hotel

Practical concepts for minimally invasive and shortened dental treatments featuring CAMLOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE implants

Live webinar with Dr. Jörg-Martin Ruppin 

Date:               8 June 2021 
                           17:00 Frankfurt | 19:00 Dubai
Venue:           online Webinar

Visions in Implantology

50th Annual International Congress of the DGZI e.V.
3rd Future Congress for Dental Implantology

Date:              6 & 7 November 2020
Venue:           Maritim Hotel & Congress Centrum Bremen

Joint success as part of a team – one patient, 1000 possibilities?

Presentation for dentists and dental technicians
Date:               9 October 2020
Venue:            Potsdam
Speaker:        Dr. Jörg-Martin Ruppin

Looking into the future – with NovoMatrix™, L-PRF and PROGRESSIVE-LINE

Date:              16 September 2020
Venue:           Mannheim
Speakers:     Dr. Jörg-Martin Ruppin, PD Dr. Gerhard Iglhaut, Dr. Dr. Fabian Duttenhöfer

Invitation to the ITI Study Club, Puchheim

Date:               23 October 2020 

CAMLOG COMPETENCE LIVE 2020 with live streaming of procedures

At the CAMLOG COMPETENCE LIVE – or CCL for short – online and attended further training events will be linked interactively with each other for the first time.

Date:              27 May 2020

Speaker:       Dr. Jörg-Martin Ruppin

Treatment concepts – external versus internal sinus lift with simultaneous implantation

CAMLOG live tutorial of the month
Speaker:     Dr. Jörg-Martin Ruppin

DGI further training

Autologous augmentation in implantology – safe techniques for reproducible successes

Date:              19 October 2019
Venue:           Praxis Penzberg

Published in Implantologie Journal 09/2019
External sinus lift with simultaneous implantation

ZWP Online

CAMLOG live tutorial on the subject of “The simultaneous treatment concept with PROGRESSIVE-LINE where bone reserves are extremely diminished.”

Date:              4 December 2019
Speaker:      Dr. Jörg-Martin Ruppin

Lorenz-Dental München – Decision-making in implantology

One patient, a thousand possibilities?
Date:               23 October 2019
Venue:            Germering


Implantology for beginners and referring dentists

Date:              17 & 18 May 2019
Venue:           Hilton Hotel Düsseldorf

Camlog – Further training for dentists

Decision-making in implantology – 1 patient, 1000 possibilities? 
Date:               5 April 2019
Venue:            Wiesbaden

Camlog – implant prosthetic course for dentists and dental technicians

Joint success as part of a team

Date:              30 March 2019
Venue:           Masur Implantatzentrum Penzberg

IDS 2019 – Leading Dental Business Summit

Date:               12 -16 March 2019
Venue:            Cologne

17. Implantologiesymposium in Mindelheim

Zahnmedizin und Trends zwischen heute und morgen

Date:              13. Juni 2018

Venue:           Forum Mindelheim

9. Implantologiesymposium in Unterschleissheim

Fortbildung für Zahnärzte, Zahntechniker und Zahnmedizinische Fachangestellte

Date:               24. November 2017
Venue:            Infinity Hotel (ehem. Dolce Hotel) in Unterschleißheim

Camlog Implantatprothetik- Kurs für Zahnärzte/innen und Zahntechniker/innen

Date:              14. Oktober 2017

Dr. Ruppin wird auf dem internationalen Camlog Kongress in Valencia ausgezeichnet

2. Implantologiesymposium in Hameln

Zahnmedizin 2017 Technik – Biologie – Team

Date:              19. Mai 2017
Venue:           Monopol Ärztehaus in Hameln

16. Implantologiesymposium in Mindelheim

Zahnmedizin heute Hightech oder routiniertes Handwerk?

Date:               10. Mai 2017

Venue:            Forum Mindelheim

8. Implantologiesymposium in Unterschleißheim

Erfolgsfaktor Team – Fehler erkennen und vermeiden

Date:              18. November 2016

Venue:           Dolce Hotel in Unterschleißheim

Camlog Implantat-Prothetik-Kurs:

Ganztags- Hands- on Workshop für Zahnärzte und Zahntechniker

Date:               22. Oktober 2016

Hospitation mit Live OP

Date:              15. Juli 2016

15. Implantologiesymposium in Mindelheim

Natürlich schön – Konzepte, Blickwinkel und Sichtweisen

Date:               11. Mai 2016

Venue:            Forum Mindelheim

Vortrag mit interaktiver Teilnahme des Podiums auf dem 6. Internationalen Camlog Kongress

Date:              10. Juni 2016

Hospitation in der Praxis

Date:               29. April 2016

Implantatprothetik von A wie Abudment bis Z wie zementiert

Hands-on-Workshop bei den Camlog Start-Up-Days 2016

Date:              23. April 2016


Implantat-Prothetikkurs für Zahnärzte und Zahntechniker

9 Fortbildungspunkte

Date:               23. März 2016 2016

7. Implantologiesymposium

Tipps für das dentale Team – Erfahrungen aus 20 Jahren Praxis

Date:              20. November 2015

Venue:           Dolce Hotel in Unterschleißheim

14. Implantologiesymposium in Mindelheim

„Teamarbeit sichert Langzeiterfolge“

Date:               20. Mai 2015
Venue:            Forum Mindelheim

6. Implantologiesymposium Unterschleissheim

„Das Team ist der Sieger- interdisziplinäre Lösungen 2014“

Date:              21. November 2014
Venue:           Ballhaus-Forum im Hotel Dolce Munich

Zertifizierung zur DGI/APW „Hospitations- und Supervisionspraxis“

Die Akademie Praxis und Wissenschaft APW und die deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantologie DGI zertifizieren Dr. Ruppin zum Leiter einer APW/DGI Hospitations- und Supervisionspraxis zur Ausbildung im Curriculum Implantologie der DGI

Camlog Connect international challenge:

Dr. Ruppin gehört zu den prämierten Gewinnern des wissenschaftlichen Wettbewerbes „Camlog connect challenge“

Date:              23. April 2016

13. Implantologiesymposium in Mindelheim

„Der Risikopatient- die Risikobehandlung“

Date:               21. Mai 2014
Venue:            Forum Mindelheim

5. Implantologiesymposium Unterschleissheim

„Zahnersatz und Zahnerhalt- sicher, schonend und praxistauglich“

Date:              22. November 2013
Venue:           Ballhaus-Forum im Hotel Dolce Munich

12. Implantologiesymposium

„Ästhetik vs. Funktion“

Date:               12. Juni 2013
Venue:            Forum Mindelheim

4. Implantologiesymposium Unterschleissheim

„Ästhetik der Zähne und des Gesichts“ 

Date:              23. November 2012
Venue:           Ballhaus-Forum im Hotel Dolce Munich

11. Implantologiesymposium Mindelheim

„Implantologie von 0 auf 100?“ 

Date:               13. Juni 2012
Venue:            Forum Mindelheim

Camlog – Implantatprothetikkurs mit Live OP und Hands-on

Date:              10 March 2012

Chirurgie trifft Prothetik- Abendfortbildung für Zahnärzte und Zahntechniker

3 Fortbildungspunkte

Datum:               7. März 2012
Ort:                       Forum Mindelheim

3. Implantologiesymposium Unterschleissheim

„Phonetik und Äshtetik in der Implantatprothetik“

Date:              16. November 2011
Venue:           Hotel Dolce München 


Implantatprothetische Konzepte- Planung, Kriterien, Tipps & Tricks

Date:               20. Juli 2011
Venue:            Implantatzentrum Penzberg

10. Implantologiesymposium Mindelheim

„Marketing oder Misserfolg?“

Date:              25. Mai 2011
Venue:           Forum in Mindelheim

2. Implantologiesymposium Unterschleissheim

„Misserfolge und Lösungen in der Implantologie“

Date:               24. November 2010
Venue:            Ballhausforum Unterschleissheim

Überweiserausflug Camlog Betriebsbesichtigung

Date:              17./18. September 2010

Sommerfortbildung des ZBV Oberbayern

„Implantologie-ein Konzept von der Planung bis zur Langzeitbetreuung“

Date:               26. Juni 2010
Venue:            Kongresszentrum Rosenheim

Fortbildung „Implanatplanung – 2D vs. 3D“

Fortbildung für Zahnärzte und Zahntechniker

Date:              28. April 2010
Venue:           Implantatzentrum Penzberg

9. Implantologiesymposium Unterschleissheim

Implantate und Prothetik-Langzeiterfolg im Fokus“

Date:               19. Mai 2010
Venue:            Forum in Mindelheim