Front tooth implant

Replacing a front tooth requires a particular level of technical skill.

A gap in the front teeth can be a real flaw in terms of aesthetic appeal. Consequently, an implant in the area of the front teeth also has particular demands, since the artificial tooth needs to blend in perfectly with the teeth it sits alongside. Not only this, but the inserted new tooth must not show through the gum either. To ensure you’re able to smile again without feeling self-conscious, we employ all of our experience and tremendous sensitivity for every implant that we insert at our practice.

Things to consider in relation to front tooth implants:


In the easily visible front part of our teeth especially, damage or gaps in the teeth can be particularly unsightly.

In certain conditions, immediate treatment may be possible. First, however, it must be ensured that there is no inflammation present or developing.

And second, there must be sufficient bone substance present.